Welcome to the F-Sim | Space Shuttle Public Beta

Thank you very much for participating.

Version 1.0.17 is probably the final beta before release. There are a number of known issues (see below) we're going to fix before the release.

There is no NDA or anything like that. Feel free to talk about F-Sim | Space Shuttle to anybody, post screenshots, capture videos, anything.

What to test

It should be fully functional and playable. It should never crash, and it should always be responsive. If you see it crash, get stuck in a menu or run into any other kind of obviously unwanted behaviour, please let us know.

On older devices (like an iPhone 6S or an iPad Air 2), it will run at 30 frames per second. It might even drop some frames, but it should be absolutely playable on all devices in all circumstances.

How to give feedback

You can use the screenshot feature within Testflight to report bugs. For general discussions, please use our Facebook page. You can also send us an e-mail.

Known issues

  • Online manual needs update (currently links to VR version)
  • HUD is shown in orbit
  • Missing text label for music volume in settings
  • Score logged when autopilot was turned off

Fixed in beta 3 (1.0.17)

  • Replay Auto-Edit mode sometimes switches to non-existing camera
  • Switching to new HUD only camera from external view triggers regular PPOV cam (with flightdeck)
  • Stick and speedbrake lever dont't move
  • Not all achievements unlock
  • Late chute info panel is missing
  • Sound effects on external cameras lack doppler effect
  • On screen pedals only control rudder, not wheelbrakes
  • No control over differential braking during rollout
  • Wingtip vortices change direction when turbulence is high

Fixed in beta 2 (0.1.16)

  • New camera perspective (Pilot's point of view without flight-deck)
  • Runway cameras at EAFB04 don't work, this can also cause frozen frames in the replay
  • Buttons for manual gear and chute deployment are off screen
  • Vibration setting has no effect
  • Game Center button does not stop flashing when Game Center login is not possible
  • New flight might start in external view after a replay
  • Camera might jump or briefly drop below the terrain in auto-edit replays
  • OSD (on screen displays) disappear after a fixed timer, even when interacting

Things planned for future versions

Not all features made it into version 1.0, so we're planning a couple of (free) updates. These will include:

  • Save an load replays
  • Record replays to video
  • A screenshot tool
  • Full atmospheric reentry, starting with the de-orbit burn